Terms of Use for the Website “https://insist-network.com”

§1 Scope and Object of Agreement

1.1 These terms of use give the legal frame for any usage of the website ”https://insist-network.com” (in the following, called “website” or “INSIST”).

1.2 This website can be reached at the web-address https://insist-network.com.

1.3 The website enables its users to author and publish articles in the form of blog-posts, and to comment on other users articles.

1.4 The website and its moderators distance themselves explicitly from all user-generated content, such as articles, posts, comments and any opinions or informations therein. The published comments, informations and opinions are not the opinions of INSIST or its moderators. The website and its moderators take no responsibility for any content or activities of the users.

1.5 Access to and usage of the website are free of charge. A legal claim to access and/or usage however does not exist. INSIST has the absolute right, not to accept users or to ban them, as well as the absolute right to delete any contents or comments.

1.6 INSIST is entitled to change these Terms of Use at any time. An up-to-date version of the Terms of Use is published on http://insit-network.com/terms-of-use/ and is retrievable online.

1.7 By accessing the website – particularly by publishing content and comments – the user automatically accepts these Terms of Use.

§2 Registration and Publishing of Content

2.1 Precondition to any usage of the site, such as publishing and commenting on articles and/or posts, is the free of charge registration on the website. All natural and juristic persons can register at the website. A legal claim to registration and/or use of the website does not exist.

2.2 The license agreement between the user and INSIST only becomes valid after successful registration by the user, which necessitates the statement of a username, a personal password, as well as a valid email-address for verification purposes. The statement of given name as well as surname is also needed for a successful registration. INSIST commits itself to keep all personal informations of its users, especially name and email-address, safe and won’t pass any of them to third parties. (see our Privacy Policy: https://insist-network.com/terms-of-use/).

2.3 INSIST and the user can terminate the license agreement without term of notice by deleting the account, except different terms have been agreed upon in an individual contract.

2.4 In the case of any false information or misrepresentation by the user during registration, the user can be banned immediately from the website.

2.5 The user has to keep the password that enables him to have access to the parts of the website unavailable to the public secret. The user is not allowed to share this password with any third parties.

2.6 The user holds full responsibility for any articles, comments, opinions and other content published from his account. If third parties gained knowledge of his password, the user has to change his password immediately. The user is accountable for any authorized and unauthorized use of his account and has to inform INSIST about any unauthorized use of his account. INSIST reserves the rights to take any necessary measures if it gets information about unauthorized use of an account.

2.7 INSIST is allowed to delete comments, articles, information and any other content as well as account:

  • in the case of presumed or obvious misrepresentation of information during the registration
  • in the case of presumed or obvious misuse of the website
  • in the case of any damages to the website or any interference with the operability of the website
  • in the case of any other violations of the terms of use.

§3 Copyrights

3.1 INSIST tries to honor the copyrights of all graphics, pictures, designs and texts used on the website and to use license-free or self-made graphics, pictures, designs and texts. All trademarks and labels used on the website without restrictions are subject to the applicable laws and the title of the registered owner. If you suspect that any of your property rights are violated by this website, please contact us immediately by email at info@insist-network.com, so we can remedy the situation as fast as we can.

3.2 The user is liable for all comments, articles, documents and other content, as well as hyperlinks, that he publishes on the website. He especially needs to take care not to be in violation of existing law, be it criminal law, competition law, copyrights, personal rights or any other rights of third parties. INSIST reserves the right to reject any content that violates existing law. However INSIST is not obligated to inspect the content.

§4 Rights to the content

4.1 Any usage, especially the copying or transfer of texts, contents, articles, documents, pictures and/or video and sound material, is only permitted for personal use. Any other usage, especially for commercial purposes, needs the explicit and written permission by INSIST. Only the user is liable for his actions and published content and responsible that this content doesn’t violate any existing laws.

4.2 All contents published on the website (especially texts and pictures) are subject to copyright and are published under a Creative-Commons-License (accessible here: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/de/ ), as long as the rightholder, i.e. the user creating and publishing the content, doesn’t specify otherwise.

4.3 By publishing on the website the user grants INSIST the rights to make the content public and distribute it, especially by digitally intergrating it into the website.

§5 Terms of publication: prohibited content, reference and links

5.1 INSIST assumes no liability for any content hosted on external, third-party websites to which INSIST is linked (especially by hyperlinks). INSIST holds no influence over the accuracy, completeness and actuality of the contents of websites it is linked to. INSIST distances itself explicitly from the contents of any and all linked websites.

5.2 Only the user is liable for the accuracy and lawfulness of any and all content he publishes on the website. Only the provider of any website that is linked to is liable for any illegal or wrong content hosted on that site and any damages that occur because of the usage or non- usage of said content, not the person linking to that content. As soon as INSIST is informed that a website that INSIST is linked to hosts illegal content, that link will be removed as fast as possible. If you think you have found a link on INSIST that is referring to illegal content, please contact us immediately at info@insist-network.com.

5.3 It is prohibited to publish any documents, texts, comments, pictures, articles or other content on INSIST that violates existing law or infringes on any third parties rights. INSIST reserves the right to notify the responsible authorities and forward any data pertaining to the particular user to them if it suspects any illegal activities by a user.

5.4 The user is obligated to honor any existing laws and rights of third parties when using INSIST.

5.5 The user also pledges only to post qualified and subject-related content that corresponds to the thematic scope of the website and its categories respectively. The conversation should be to the point and polite. Factual critique is welcome, but ad hominem attacks are not tolerated.

5.6 Only the user is liable for any and all contents he publishes on the website. INSIST is not obligated to examine the contents regarding their lawfulness, accuracy, actuality, completeness or in any other regard.

5.7 INSIST is allowed to delete any comments that violate these Terms of Use. INSIST also is allowed to ban any user publishing such content from any further use of the website.

§6 Responsible persons and jurisdiction

6.1 Responsible for the website “https://insist-network.com” are the persons named in the website credits (https://insist-network.com/impressum/).

6.2 Any counter-liability by the responsible persons is explicitly excluded.

6.3 Jurisdiction lies in Bielefeld, Germany. Only German law applies. Any compulsory clauses of the user’s country of residence are exempt.

Source refrence: This Diclaimer was generated with recourse to the services of e-recht24.de.

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